Midstream Distributor Africa

Midstream are a global pioneer in the LED lighting industry, leading the way since founding the company in 2009. Their award-winning lighting solutions are advanced, robust and best-in-class and are designed to meet customers individual requirements, including reducing energy consumption, cutting maintenance costs, and minimising environmental damage, all whilst vastly improving the quality of their lighting.

Midstream have vast experience and a strong reputation with major international airports, sports facilities of all sizes, maritime container terminals and commercial horticulturalists in all corners of the globe, including Remarail Terminal in Mozambique, Port of Mohammedia and Port of Casablanca in Morocco, Dubai Airport in UAE, King Abdulazziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia, Muscat Airport in Oman and Nairobi Airport in Kenya.

The range includes the Titan Series, the Atlas R Series, the Modus R Series, the Modus S Series, the Atlas Series, the Modus Series and the Docker Series.