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Software, Tensorminds, Africa

Tensorminds Distributor Africa

Tensorminds envisions to push all boundaries and unleash its deeply rooted skills & experience in the area of artificial intelligence and deep learning for the revolutionizing of business processes and workflow systems through smart and intelligent automation application systems, thus relieving human resource from day to day repetitive jobs and instead play more strategic and planning role. Applying modern data science techniques in unveiling unknown or hidden mission critical data and patterns, creating, shaping, taming and analyzing organization’s petabyte size unstructured data in the form of numbers, text, images, video or audio, to actionable and meaningful big data analytics.

All this converging to minimize losses, costs and promoting productivity, profit margins and improving quality of people’s life through better products,environment and services, by delivering intelligent user interfaces and smart application systems in the field of medical diagnosis, product quality control, autonomous call centers, automating secretarial jobs, domestic and industrial robotics and countless other applications.

Our products and solutions targeting government departments as well as private organizations who are involved in health, education, financial, civic, transport and logistical services, manufacturing units, marketing companies, sales departments, retail business, operations, distribution, law & order units, aviation industry, space exploration and customer support department.

Smart Terminal Operations
Smart Solution to intelligently capture information on containers and trucks while entering and departing and pass on to terminal legacy systems for further processing.